Latest updates to Google Ads

Publication date: 20 May 2020

Google updated business operations verification program
Google has updated their policy on the business operations verification program.

  • Advertisers who are required to complete the program will be notified and given 21 days to submit the verification form.
  • If they do not submit the verification form within 21 days, they will then receive a 7-day warning before their ads stop running.
  • Users will be able to interact with ads in search results to get information about the advertiser.

Google to give up gallery ads in favor of image extensions
Google has decided to give up gallery ads, a format introduced last year, in favor of image extensions.

  • Image extensions have a much lower barrier to entry.
  • Image extensions started on mobile-only, but Google is now testing them on desktop as well.
  • Google is also testing dynamic image extensions. If advertisers choose to go dynamic, they opt to let Google selects images automatically from their websites.
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