Case: Financial webinar buyers e-mail database monetization

Publication date: 14 Nov 2017

In 2013-2014, I have been servicing a platform, conducting webinars. There were enoughclients and a lot of e-mails. The database was segmented by the topics of webinars andcontained a few more columns with information such as “paid for a webinar or not”.

Offer: Alfa Trade RU CPL
Paid action: Lead, approved by the call center
Payout: 5 $ -6.5 $
Period: October-December 2016
Spent: $ 120
Profit: 2005 $

I remembered about the database at the end of 2016, when I heard an amazing story from Andrei(the name was changed) about e-mailing: he sent letters from servers, which sent letterswith notifications to campaign employees and clients. At the end of the month, there was anunused volume for mailings from 30K to 50K of letters, which simply burned. And so that theyjust do not disappear, he monetized them by sending it to the bases from free sources to theoffers of various inexpensive topics. Unfortunately, his databases did,nt convert well forexpensive Forex offers, with cpl from $ 5, and even if they did – the advertiser haven’tapproved all of the leads.

The idea came to mind instantly. I got a link to sign into thenetwork with large payout for forex traffic – 3snet, contacted the manager and took the AlfaTrade RU CPL with a payout 5$ for registration into work.

I made a sample from my databasefor those who actually paid for trainings on increasing incomes and closely related topics(self-development, “Money makes money,” and so on), about 10,000 users were obtained.

I bought an emailing package for 10 000 subscribers at one of the mailing services.

It cost me $ 60

I picked up the landing with mirror trade, made the appropriate text and put thiscreative in the letter.

I made the first mailing and got the following results:

The result was good, almostall of the registered users, confirmed the registration to the call center and I manager raisedthe payout for me. Of course, when all my efforts were paid off, and I got the raised payout, Ibought another mailing package and made another mailing with the same database in a month. Thistime I sent letters to all of who opened the letters, except for those who had alreadyregistered. It turned out really not bad.

I had theopportunity to send letters for 10,000 users database this month and in about 2 weeks I madeanother newsletter that would consolidate the result. This time I sent letters only to those whopreviously opened the previous letter, but have changed the name of the sender and the subjectof the letter, so I squeezed out the Alfa Trade offer with this database.

It is very difficult to find a mailing service with forex subjects. Forex and Binary optionsadvertisers are being banned often. The guys from 3snet can help to dispatch on such bases, youcan agree on the terms with the affiliates’ managers. I still work with them and am happy witheverything.

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