VKontakte Text Content Monetization, Facebook Pixel for All, and New Messenger

Монетизация статей ВКонтакте, Facebook Pixel для всех и новый мессенджер

Publication date: 11 Sep 2018

VKontakte starts monetizing text content
Social network VKontakte is testing monetization of text content. About 20 communities are now connected to VKontakte advertising network and publish at least one article weekly. Later on, community administrators can either enable monetization for each of the posted articles or disable it at any time. VKontakte representatives give no details about the time articles monetization will be available to all communities, nor do they about the way this feature works.

Facebook Pixel is available to groups
Facebook is returning its focus to Group functionality again. Last year, the social network added statistics function for groups and now is giving access to Facebook Pixel. Facebook Pixel is a perfect tool that helps to manage all retargeting, ad optimization, and conversion tracking settings. The new function is available only to groups with at least 250 members.

New messenger Chudo with animated emojis
A new messenger by Magic Unicorn Inc. turns your face into a live emoji character. With Chudo, users can send messages and animojis, record animated 3D stickers, and create videos to share on social media. The application is compatible with iOS 11.0 or later and Android 7.0 or later.

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