May 2021 World Gambling News

Publication date: 28 May 2021

May legislative initiatives in the field of gambling seem to have gained momentum. In May, the authorities of many countries raised the questions of combating illegal immigrants and, moreover, changing in gambling advertising. In Ukraine, the first B2B gambling license was sold, and the United States is steadily moving towards total legitimation. We will tell you about these and other news in our article.

Restrictions on advertising: what amendments and bans do countries introduce?

In Lithuania, the authorities have adopted amendments to the ban on any advertising of gambling. All types of gambling promotion are prohibited. Experts believe that today’s gambling advertising is too aggressive and intrusive. This can greatly harm people who are prone to gambling addiction.

In Armenia, the parliament has imposed restrictions on ads display of online casinos and sweepstakes. These types of entertainment can be advertised from 22:00 to 7:00. Thus, the Armenian authorities say they contribute to effective combat against illegal gambling, and this is only the beginning — gambling operators are waiting for new state restrictions. But there’s no use in panicking! In accordance with the current restrictions, it is allowed to advertise gambling on the Internet. And this is a great opportunity to win the audience from Armenia. Just do what you’re allowed to do! In the Netherlands, online gambling operators have been warned against pushy advertising. Companies that start providing online gambling services in the country in the fall of 2021 should be moderate in advertising their products, otherwise they will face serious sanctions, the Dutch officials claim. In Russia, the authorities have proposed new conditions for advertising sports betting for Russians. We are talking about active betting advertising, which is placed in all types of media. The Public Chamber proposed to allocate a quarter of the airtime for advertising and a quarter of the advertising space with similar advertising products such as warnings. In the US, betting can become legal in almost every state The American gambling market is one of the largest and most promising in the world. The authorities of the US states of Connecticut and Louisiana have approved the legalization of online casinos and betting companies in the states. Sports betting is also legalized in Maryland and Ohio local authorities hope that bettors will be able to bet since the end of 2021. And in Massachusetts, betting may become legal as early as 2022.

The Europe go-ahead — something new in the regulation of gambling

Gambling industry regulators are no longer monopolistic in European countries. The report of the EGBA (European Association for Betting and Gambling) study clearly shows a positive trend of reducing the number of monopoly regulators in European countries. Experts consider this progress to be very positive for the regulation of online gambling. What has happened in the laws of European countries recently? The Netherlands and the UK will work closely together to control online gambling. The agreement will allow the agencies to freely exchange information and work together to protect players and combat money laundering and terrorist financing. In addition, the government conducts repressive operations against unlicensed companies in the country that provide online gambling to residents of the Netherlands. In Germany, it is possible for gamblers to move from legal companies to offshore ones. According to experts, players are afraid of a decrease in winnings, due to the increase in the tax for online slot operators by the authorities of the country to 5.3% of their income. According to analysts, licensed operators will offer smaller winnings to offset the tax, while illegal operators who do not have to pay taxes in Germany will offer higher ones. Conditions will change very soon, so now is the best time to start pouring traffic to the German audience. How is gambling developing in Ukraine? In Ukraine, the authorities announced that the gambling industry will be replenished with a new department-the Ukrainian Gambling Council (UGC) — the All-Ukrainian Gambling Council. The new regulatory body aims not only to unite all participants of the Ukrainian gambling market, but also to improve and optimize the whole gambling business in Ukraine.

  • The Ukrainian authorities have sold the first Business-to-Business license. The first license does not only certify the right to run a gambling business, but also assures the ability to supply with gaming software. The B2B license — “Business for Business” – was issued to the KRAIL company Game Reseller LLC for 1.8 million hryvnia. These are the first and currently the only permits of this type.

The Ukrainian authorities also received an initiative to review taxes on gambling. The document contains a proposal to introduce a single rate for all gambling operators. The bill includes amendments to the tax deductions for online casinos and poker rooms in the amount of ten percent of gross income for bookmakers 5% and for owners of slot machine halls 12.5%. The proposed document also initiates the abolition of tax deductions from winnings received by customers of gambling establishments and organizations. Russia is clamping down on gambling The State Duma of the Russian Federation postpones the launch of the unified gambling regulator. The State Duma decided to postpone the launch date of the ERAI from the previously set date to October 1, 2021.

  • Russians will be able to put themselves on stop lists of bookmakers. The Association of Lawyers of the Russian Federation has announced a system that allows gambling addicts to limit their own participation in gambling.

From now on, money transfers in favor of shady online casinos in Russia will be fined. It became known that the State Duma of the Russian Federation has received a bill on penalties for operators of electronic payments, mobile communications and other financial organizations for transferring funds to the accounts of online casinos banned in the Russian Federation. The amount of such fines is clearly established for officials and credit institutions that is from 100 to 500 thousand rubles, for legal entities – from 25 to 40% of the transaction amount, but not less than five million rubles. Tax changes in Kenya: how will the gambling market further? Kenyan authorities are considering a 20% tax refund on sports betting. The reason for the tax refund was that due to the current situation with the pandemic, tax payments to the state treasury were significantly reduced. If the law is passed, the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) will charge 20 shillings for each bet made, regardless of whether the player wins or loses. The decision will have been made by June 10, 2021. Mexico excels to reach a new level of legitimacy Mexican media reported a new bill to legalize all betting organizations in the country. Currently, betting in Mexico is quite active, but only some online casinos have licenses for betting, and the lion’s share of these bets goes to shadow bookmakers. This state of affairs does not feed with full financial benefits either Mexicans or any honest players. Experts say that in the next five to seven years, the level of income from rates will increase from $ 422 million to 30 percent.

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