What\’s new in the world`s gambling legislation in April 2021?

Publication date: 30 Apr 2021

Gambling is an integral part of the modern entertainment industry. The organization is under special control of the governments of different countries. Let’s look into what has changed in the legislation of this sector of the economy in April 2021.

What has changed in the laws for gambling in Russia and the CIS

In Russia, at the end of September, a Single Gambling Regulator (ERAI) will be launched, founded by Rosimushchestvo (the property control body). Even now, the TSUPIS bookmakers are required to install the necessary equipment. ERAI cooperates with the Federal Tax Service, including monitoring and detecting illegal gambling activities on the Internet. The ERAI monitoring system will be aimed at suppressing the activities of illegal organizers of gambling and lotteries on the territory of the Russian Federation. Operators will be required to provide information about accepted and returned bets, paid and unpaid winnings, and the form of settlement. What else for your consideration: Regulation of gambling or where to send traffic in Russia? Kyrgyzstan has initiated a draft Bill that will help regulate lotteries in the country, establish control over their finances, and promote the development of a state lottery operator. If the law is adopted and enters into force: there will be an electronic sale of lottery tickets. Operators will be required to inform lottery participants in a timely manner on upcoming draws. A definition for the electronic lottery device will be given. A simple and convenient system for reporting on tickets sold will come into practice. Moldova has introduced a tax on winnings. From now on, income from winnings in gambling and lotteries, sports betting, which individuals receive through electronic communication networks, is taxed at the rate of 12%

The laws on gambling are being updated In Europe

In Ukraine, the Commission on Communications and Information of Ukraine (NCRSI) announced the blocking of 250 sites of illegal online casinos. The block includes such well-known brands as ROX Casino, SOL Casino, iLucki, GoodWin Casino, JOY CASINO, BETANDYOU, ZENIT and others. Online casino operators from this list can appeal against the decision within 5 days from the moment of its announcement. However, the appeal does not imply the cancellation of the fine and the termination of the trial. The NCRS website also contains a full list of Internet service providers that must restrict their users ‘ access to illegal online casinos.

In Germany, a new bill on gambling is being passed. The German authorities have announced that a new law will come into force on July 1, 2021. This fact will have a positive impact on all participants of the German gambling market: betting companies, online operators of casino and slot machines. The paper also covers the maximum amount of bets, spins, and jackpots, and restricts gambling advertising on television. In the Netherlands, the gambling regulator has established a procedure of collecting the application forms from the companies-organizers of online gambling in the country and already initiated a process. Applicants have to submit the necessary documents by April 15, and pass the required checks by July 1. Government agencies are set to issue the first licenses no later than September 30. And on October 1, the online gambling market in the Netherlands will officially start. Sweden plans to extend the restrictions on online gambling until November 2021, which are in effect during the pandemic in the gaming industry. The restrictions were introduced in November last year and will last until June 1, 2021. In particular, the deposit limit for online games is five thousand SEK. The online casino also has a mandatory game time limit, and bonuses for players are limited to 100 SEK. Latvia has adopted a law to prohibit gambling for alimony debtors. Gambling industry operators are expected to check accounts in the national register of Debtors through the Lottery and Gambling Inspectorate, which will create an official database for licensees. The new requirements come into force on May 1, 2021. Australia advocates reformation of gambling In Australia, the “Alliance for Gambling Reform”, addressing the authorities, is agitating for bans on gambling advertising, from which the officials haven’t been protecting the residents. In addition, the Alliance is unhappy about the fact that foreign betting companies operating on the green continent are making a fortune during the COVID-19 pandemic. These bookmakers pay very low taxes in Australia, however. The United Arab Emirates: licensing gambling businesses Dubai has denied information about the legalization of gambling in the country, which appeared in the sources of some social networks. The press service reported that all gambling in the United Arab Emirates was and remains prohibited. The United States is pushing towards totally lawful gambling The authorities of some states of America look forward to replenishing the funds by legalizing online casinos. Since April, Arizona is one of the states in the US where gambling is legal. Alabama residents will be able to vote in a referendum on the establishment of a gambling business in their state in November 2022.

But these are not the only news that can shake the American market. According to the CEO of Goldman Sachs, the US has the potential to improve its regulatory policy on cryptocurrencies, especially digital assets and bitcoin.

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