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Publication date: 15 Nov 2018

A webmaster has delivered “the highest quality” traffic…and a “bad” affiliate network has left him empty handed. And now the webmaster will tell the whole world about it! The webmaster starts blackmailing the network and then publicly accuses it of fraud.

It is common knowledge that if you do deliver high quality traffic, you always get paid for it.

What really happened?

In 95% of cases, delivered traffic was fraudulent or of extremely low quality. 5% are left for errors and exceptional cases which can be dealt with in cooperation with a network and an advertiser.

What does a post about a bad network look like?

  • Accusations usually come from fake or uninformative accounts.
  • All accusations are based on personal opinion and suggestions.
  • A screenshot of a conversation with a manager is provided as proof. It usually shows that a webmasters refuses to provide an advertiser with creatives and sources. In the worst cases, the whole conversation “has been lost” but “will be found soon”.
  • Blackmailing always comes before public posts. “If you do not pay, I will say really bad things about you!” It can be found in the conversation which is provided as proof.
  • Fellow sufferers join the public accusation shortly. They often create communities in social networks or websites where all problems can be discussed in details.
  • In most cases, a webmaster fights for 1-20 leads or a small amount of money.

There is no use for networks to join discussions, it is better to look at those webmasters who are very active in fueling conflicts and to ban them in the affiliate platform. Tomorrow one of them can decide to fight for 2 leads.

In an ideal world everyone would understand that fraud affects everyone involved in internet marketing. Fraudsters devise new fraudulent schemes instead of launching a really successful advertising campaign.

Advertisers lose money because they pay for useless traffic. Affiliate networks waist a lot of time and energy trying to work things out between an advertiser and a fraudster; they sometimes lose clients and have to become a part of public “drama”.

True webmasters suffer as well. There were cases when advertisers refused to pay for all conversions because fraudulent traffic largely affected the overall quality of traffic in an affiliate network.

Everyone, except for fraudsters, is interested in putting an end to affiliate fraud.

It looks like fraud. What can be done?

Cause-effect relationships in fraud are known, and such firms as Forensiq, Fraudscore, FraudShield by 24Metrics have already created software to detect fraudsters. Joint efforts of affiliate networks and advertisers allow cutting fraud out before payment is made.

3snet affiliate network contributes to the good deeds and has launched “Find Frauder” service. It is a database with various search parameters: email, Telegram account, Skype login, or eWallet. If fraudulent activity is detected by 3snet or partner companies, webmaster’s data is added to the database and is shown upon request. Managers or advertisers can quickly check webmasters in case of any suspicions.

The service is now available in beta version. The database will be constantly updated. Join the good deed! Make the Internet a better place to work.

  • At the beginning of 2018, 3snet together with CPA.RIP announced Fraud Meme Contest. Have a look and have fun!

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