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Publication date: 20 Aug 2021

Betting is one of the most profitable niches in affiliate marketing. However, to make money, it’s necessary not only to find an offer with a good conversion rate, but also to carefully plan an advertising campaign. Here, success largely depends on the right target audience.

To receive a reward from the advertiser, you need to attract to the site an active player who will not only make the first deposit, but also continue to play for a long time. Properly configured targeting will help to find and attract such a user.

What types of targeting are available and how to work with them in betting?

General audience targeting for bookmaker advertising is the criteria by which you can select prospective bettors from the general mass of visitors and set up advertising to make them see it.

Age Targeting

According to experts, those who are just starting their independent life bet more on sports: they are more inclined to take risks and more easily part with their money.

The age at which it is allowed to attract players to betting depends on the country of residence. Most of the time it’s 18 years old, but the legislation of some countries allows involving players only from the age of 21. In any case, it is better to choose those who are over 21 – they are more solvent.

According to a survey by SuperJob, in 2021 in Russia they consider themselves gamblers working men over 40-45 years – 13%. In second place are young people under 34 years – 11%.

Analysts of NAFI center specify that among young people aged 18-24 there are more of those who applied to betting shops compared to other age groups (11%). People of the older generation (from 60 years old) almost don’t use the services of betting shops. 

Gender Targeting

According to the portal SuperJob (May 2021) 15% of men consider themselves gamblers, and 11% of women.

According to the NAFI analytical center, men more often go to betting shops – 8%, among women – only 1%.

The most recent data, based on the results of the Olympics 2020 / 2021, was given by betting company “Fonbet”: “Among bettors the vast majority are men, and if girls do bet, they almost always prefer traditionally male sports – football, volleyball, tennis, handball”.

Where else can you find active players for betting shops’ sites?

Let’s start with some important facts from the SuperJob study:

  • Most of the gamblers are among respondents with an income of 80,000 rubles or more.
  • The top ten most gambling professions include logistics and sales managers, designers, teachers, doctors, security guards, system administrators, economists, HR managers, engineers, and customer service managers. Office managers, nurses, and accountants are the least gambling.

Also, it is necessary to pay attention to additional personal categories that may characterize the user as a prospective active player.

  • Active fans

Search among the subscribers of fan communities, buyers of online stores of merchandise with paraphernalia! These people are not only willing to watch the matches of their favorite team, but also to bet.

At the same time, take a look at the communities where famous sports journalists are published! Their subscribers are certainly interested in the games and most likely already have a good understanding of them.

There are whole countries of active fans, where a sport can be called the national one. For example, Brazilian people support football with their whole country, cricket is popular in India, hockey is popular in Russia. Read more about all the unique gambling games in the reviews on 3Snet. 

  • Fans of active and extreme sports

Members of communities and groups in social networks (diving, BASE jumping, zorbing, rafting, surfing, trialling, etc.), visitors to thematic sites, equipment buyers. These people are familiar not only with the sport, but also with the excitement. Moreover, they certainly have money, because this hobby is not cheap!  All that remains is to invite them to the bookmaker’s site.

  • Dating website visitors

Traditionally, men look for a variety of entertainment, while women can get into betting to find common themes to attract a “sports” partner.

For example, many women choose to bet on horse racing. In addition to the fact that it is a spectacular sport with uncomplicated rules, many rich men are interested in horse racing.

  • Women’s sites with psychological problems and questions

According to the research of the GamCare organization, there is a surge of women’s interest in gambling in the UK. One of the reasons for this, the experts named the restrictions associated with the pandemic: forced house arrest, some people have lost their jobs, and betting is a cure for boredom and anxiety.

There is an interesting story about this on the Internet. How can betting affect a relationship? A woman came to see a psychologist with a complaint that her family was falling apart and her husband wasn’t paying attention to her. The specialist advised her to do something together with her husband, make something interesting for him. And what does her husband like – to sit on the couch and watch football! But that woman was terribly bored – she did not understand anything, there were people running around. And then the psychologist gave brilliant advice: try to bet! Just a little, even 50 rubles. What will not go to save the family! The woman had to learn at least the basics of football, to learn the names of the teams. And the opportunity to win made her a big fan: her husband even learned some new bad words when his wife’s bet didn’t work out.  

  • Food lovers 

In many countries, it is customary to watch sporting events while eating pizza, chicken wings, or any fast food – look for prospective players among those who are interested in food delivery.

What do sports fans like to eat?

  • Various kinds of sausages: in Germany they are fried spicy currywurstchen or weisswurst, in Denmark they are pølsevogn (hot dog with pickles and onion fries), in Austria they are Viennese sausages with cheese.
  • Sandwiches! In Austria, before watching the match, they put a schnitzel with sauce and onions in a bun – you get a schnitzelburger. In Spain, the fans’ favorite food is “bocadillo,” a whole loaf with tomato, jamón or sardines.  Portuguese fans put pork steak, mustard and piri-piri sauce in a toasted bun – the bifana is ready! In Turkey people make kofte yemek with meatballs, and in San Marino they make piadina (flatbreads with various fillings).
  • Pies are chosen by sports fans in many countries. For example, in England, while watching the games, meat pie is served with a strong broth, but in Ireland and Scotland they like pies with apples! 
  • Snacks are also very popular. In addition to the traditional crisps, nuts and seeds in all countries, Spanish, for example, chew regalis (licorice stalk) and Germans – bretzels with obazda (pretzels crumbled in sea salt with camembert sauce).

Also, feel free to look for future bettors on channels that talk about the preparation of such food, as well as a variety of “men’s recipes.”

  • And to have a drink!

Sports and alcohol are not compatible, but only if we are not talking about fans! Of course, sports fans from different countries can consume local drinks while watching a match. But there is a drink that unites fans from all over the world – beer! It cannot be said that a beer lover is definitely a sports fan and a potential bookmaker’s client. But it is worth a try! Try to attract beer lovers – members of specialized groups and sites for choosing, buying beer or equipment for its production.

  • Capper Communities

Separately, we need to distinguish those who have already been involved in the betting world. Cappers are people who know betting professionally. They bet not so much for pleasure as to make money. In fact, they are sports analysts who make money from their knowledge. However, often cappers publish their predictions – you can get them for money or for free. These are the ones who are interested in such data and you can pay attention to it! This is already a warm, prepared audience: people are ready to bet and you need to offer them the best services from bookmakers!

The audience of sports betting: data from bookmakers

In 2020, the betting company BingoBoom conducted their research. According to their data in the cluster of sports betting audience: 51% are those who want to get rich, 18% are regular site players and 6% are technical specialists. Their common interests look really “general”: politics, technology, travel, entertainment outside the home, science and reading books.

Interest is aroused by those 25% (that’s a quarter of the potential audience of the betting shop site!), who were called “random people”. Among their interests are many unusual ones: language learning, healthy lifestyles and beauty, art, the Internet of things. It may be worth taking a closer look at those who have never been considered potential bettors before!

In the spring of 2020, the betting company MostBet also shared a “portrait” of its users:

  • the average player is a man between the ages of 25 and 34 living in a major city;
  • more often they are married people, with a complete secondary or higher education;
  • as a source of information about sports, players use news and broadcasts on the Internet, as well as social networks;
  • but for information about the betting shop, search engines and sites about betting come to the fore;
  • any targeted advertising will be noticed if it clearly indicates the benefits: bonuses, rates, stocks, gifts.

GEO Targeting

The country from which you are looking for traffic is determined by the advertiser. But if you have a choice, it’s better to target those GEOs where the population is the most gambling. Traditionally, the most passionate players come from warm countries where sports are very popular: Brazil, Argentina, Spain.

Also, while setting up the advertising campaign, there are several things to consider. For example, the rules for advertising of betting shops may depend on the legalization of betting in the country. It is important not to miss other local nuances. Gambling laws are very diverse. In particular, in the USA each state has its own laws, and here you may need to make a narrower targeting on territorial units inside the state (states, regions, provinces, lands, districts).  

Read more about the rules of betting advertising in different countries in the Overviews on the 3snet website.

There are special services for exact analytics of the target audience and targeting settings, but everyone has services, and only you have your own brain! Find prospective players and attract them to the site of a betting shop using different ways, think about it and drive traffic!


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