How to promote betting and gambling according to the theory of generations

Publication date: 23 Jan 2023

The generational theory was voiced in 1991 by historians Neil Howe and William Strauss. In short, based on historical, psychological, and economic data, the scientists found that in addition to age, gender, and other characteristics, certain groups of people are united by “generational values”.

“Generation” depends on the year of birth, and the formation of values is influenced by everything that happened at the age of 5-7 years:

  • all major events: wars, pandemics, scientific sensations;
  • information messages voiced out loud: five years in four! make love not war! be independent! children are our future! good girls don’t behave like that! boys don’t cry! 
  • “deficits”: parental attention, necessary things and food, security, confidence in the future.

Based on this information, the generation forms a basic “how to live” technology. The formed “generational values” are assimilated at the level of reflexes without being questioned. Each generation waits for “its product” which corresponds to its values. Therefore, the main task of affiliate marketing is to make sure that the offered service or website meets the criteria of “one’s own”.

Generations, the Russian school of the theory of generations, is actively engaged in developing and applying this question in practice. Much of the information used in our material is taken from the research of this organization. 

Baby boomers

  • Other names: the boomers.
  • Born between 1944 and 1963, the baby boomers are now aged between 79 and 60.

People of this generation were born just after the events of World War II, due to the “baby boomers”, i.e., the birth rate surge. Boomers revitalized cities and manufacturing and are characterized by global thinking and grandiose plans. As a result, they prefer everything big, voluminous and ambitious. For the older generation, patriotism and optimism are of maximum value.

For baby boomers, status and understanding their own value is important. It makes sense for them to be offered “to be first” and receive a proposal “especially for you”. But you shouldn’t suggest fridges and Swedish walls as prizes! Material values are less important to this generation than the feeling of victory and leadership.

One of the most important positive events in the life of the BB generation is the launch of a man into space and Yuri Gagarin. In general, everything “cosmic” is perceived very well: here is the globality of the project, high ideals in all senses, the triumph of man over nature and the unity of a large group of people.

An important worth of boomers is aspiration to longevity and an opportunity to feel young again. Hence, bright images can attract their attention: komsomol and student activity, construction brigades.

Team spirit is very important to boomers; in sports they prefer team sports games.

“Boomers” are very receptive to advertising; they trust everything they receive from “official sources”: TV and radio. The Internet is not trusted, but if they go online, it is on social networks and news channels. It’s important for them to “stay informed!” Their attention may be attracted by the news section on the bookmaker’s website, groups or channels with news themes, and emails designed as media messages.

The word “problem” should not be used in the promotion, even in the negative form (“there will be no problems, it’s not a problem”). It is a trigger word which switches the attention of boomers to looking for a way out, making a global assessment of the situation and preparing for a solution. There is no time for games, excitement or prizes! 

Generation X

  • Other names: lost generation, MTV generation.
  • Date of birth 1964-1984, age 59 to 39.

The main deficiency of Generation X is uniqueness. In their childhood, everything was the same: clothes, food, toys, the main rule of behavior is modesty. Therefore, now people of this age “break away” and “show off”, they react positively not only to bright colors, but also to bright accents in the design of the product, to any “uniqueness / peculiarity” of the proposed service. No boredom and drabness!  However, you have to understand that everything should be done gracefully with a wow effect (both textual and visual). Also, don’t use anything generalized to attract attention: don’t forget the names in the email, don’t put “one in 100 lucky people” in the general line-up.  

The stop word for Generation X is “standard”. Don’t use anything like that when addressing them: any “typical” or “usual”, anything framed as “official” immediately turns off the focus. The word “cool”, on the other hand, is distinctive and as easy to understand for this age group of users as possible!

Another deficit of the Generation X, which can be used: in their childhood there were few quality clothes, interesting toys, all the “usual” things for us now were difficult to get. So, it is these people who value things as a symbol of success and victory: cars, flats, jewels, just money!

An important feature of Generation X is professionalism. All games / betting services will be thoroughly checked for quality by them. Invite a Gen X representative only to a site where registration, payments, all links and buttons work perfectly. Any slip-up and it’s a miss. Meanwhile, to draw attention, point out that sports betting is accepted by a bookmaker with a world name, an excellent reputation and a dozen of professional awards!

Hence the main information and communication channels that people of this generation choose. Only professional media, with verified and reliable information, arouse their utmost trust. 

Generation Y

  • Other names: millennials, Generation Next.
  • Born between 1985-2002, they are now aged between 38 and 21.

The name clearly reflects the main characteristic of this generation – they are millennials, people who have crossed the threshold of the millennium, entering the new world with undiscovered possibilities. They view everything that happens to them in terms of “for what?” and “why?”. Any advertising aimed at self-identification works well with these people. This can be done with the statements “you are a winner” and “you are good”.

The main goal of the generation is to make the world better. Consequently, the message that the site of the casino or betting company has become more convenient, comfortable, ergonomic will catch their eye.

There is another important point for millennials. Everything must happen quickly, before the world around them changes! On the one hand, you can exploit their impulsiveness, because they talk first and think later. Grab their attention with the words “quickly”, “now” “immediately” and offer shortcuts: buttons immediately to the sign-up form, easy-to-use payments, clear and short descriptions, step-by-step instructions.

Generally speaking, the generation next is very much oriented towards “poster” presentation of information, short and vivid slogans, “the right labels”.

Everything you want to offer millennials shouldn’t just be a game or an opportunity, a new service or product. It has to be a way of life! That is, you don’t need to offer Generation Y something instantaneous, they need to demonstrate a “life is a game”, “live today”, “try it now” attitude.

The main feature of the generation is positive in everything. All around should radiate a positive attitude: pleasant colors, joyful images and associations. Interestingly, people of this age respond to a smile as much as possible!

“Igreki” are the generation whose English (American) language was first firmly entrenched in their lives. For people of this age, English words, idioms and slang in emails, social groups and other promotional channels come as naturally as possible. Furthermore, they are the ones who tend to popularize all things “overseas” and “foreign”. The maximum number of users of iPhones and all Apple products is among the representatives of this generation! Keep that in mind when offering millennials something to win.

By the way, it is the smartphone that is the main channel for attracting millennials. They want apps, mobile versions, chat rooms.

Generation Z

  • Other names: zoomers, homelanders.
  • Years of birth: 2003-2023, with the oldest being in their 20s. As a reminder, it is illegal in most countries to involve an underage audience in betting and gambling! However, keep in mind that zoomers represent a huge potential audience, so learn how to work with them now.

The second name given by experts – homelanders – also says a lot about Generation Z. They care about the notion of home, yet not just walls, but specifically “your place”, “a place where you matter and are needed”. Indicate that they are welcomed and valued at the BC or casino site!

There are also two things that come out of this “value at home” that are important to point out.

Safety comes first! Security of play, reliability of transfers and safety of money in your account, protection against fraud and tampering, privacy of personal data – all of this will be a huge plus in the eyes of the zoomers. 

It is also the first generation who openly value convenience and are willing to pay for it! What matters is not just comfort (e.g., being able to play at any time and on their favorite sofa), in addition to being able not to win money, but to savor the moment and enjoy everything that is going on.

The main deficit of this generation is the opportunity for face-to-face communication. How can we make use of that, if we are on the internet after all? Tell them about the live dealers, the fan experience, and offer a trip with friends as prizes!

Users “under 20” are very science oriented, they are fond of scientific proof of facts, numbers and formulas. For instance, “statistically, 25% win!” – is a good, appealing phrase for zoomers.

Another thing that homelanders focus on is eco-friendliness. One could, of course, point out that a virtual casino leaves no trace in the form of trash, or you could use more “natural” colors in your landing pages, emails and banners: green, brown, and beige.

Speak to Generation Z in their language! In January 2023, Zen conducted a study on how zoomers communicate online. The most popular words are “swank”, “crush”, “mood”, “ghosting”, POV, “simple”, “trash”, “swag” and “chill”/”to chill”. Popular phrases: man/woman moment, “situation sur”, sigma, dead inside, main character. And definitely use emoji! Most of the time, zoomers use well-known symbols in a different capacity: “crying a lot” as an expression of any emotion, “clown” as a symbol of a stupid or rash act, big eyes for attention and interest, and a skull for “fun and laughter”. Make no mistake! 

The “theory of generations” proposed by scientists is now actively used in all types of marketing. Choose your audience and engage them competently!


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