Google advertising implements: what\’s new and what are the prospects?

Publication date: 30 Jun 2021

The furtherance of new Internet marketing strategies is the key to success in the modern era. The introduction of new tools and methods increases the effectual value of marketing campaigns. What is Google changing to meet the challenges? Here are some points.

Google will not block cookies for the next 2 years

Google has announced an intention to halt temporarily the blocking of third-party cookies policy in the Chrome browser. The company actually was going to completely eliminate them in 2022, but now decommissioning is supposed to happen in mid-2023.

According to Google analytics, it takes time to fix privacy issues without harming sites that depend on advertising. The Privacy Sandbox initiatives will be postponed while additional tests are carried out. Today, Chrome and other companies have offered more than 30 solutions to replace third-party cookies, four of which are in initial trial versions. In the coming weeks, testing of the first version of FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts, federated cohort-based learning) will already be completed. When the testing is completed, Google plans to perform a two-step process of rejecting cookies:

  • The first stage will begin at the end of 2022 after testing completion and the APIs launch in Chrome. At this stage, publishers and advertisers will have time to transfer their services with cookies. It will last for about nine months.
  • The second stage will begin in mid-2023. At this stage, Chrome will stop supporting third-party cookies within three months with a plan to completely withdraw support by the end of 2023.

Critics of the initiative note that blocking cookies can only benefit Google, since it can continue to collect information about users through YouTube and other popular systems. This advantage can help Google attract more advertisers.

Google changes the advertising policy for users of Android devices

Google will restrict access to the unique advertising identifier of Android users who do not want to be tracked by advertisers. Developers who try to access the ID will get a string of zeros. The innovation will be available for Android 12 by the end of 2021, for other devices – by the beginning of 2022. Android has long allowed users to opt out of personalized advertising, while unique advertising identifiers are still available to app developers. This important information for advertisers and is used to combat fraud. Google has announced the launch of the Ads Creative Studio service for working with creatives Google has announced the launch of a new service Ads Creative Studio. It will include tools to simplify the creation of media, video and audio ads. What kind of tools?

  • Director Mix for configuring YouTube ads
  • Data-based and HTML5 creatives that can be used to create custom interactive Campaign Manager 360 and Display &amp Video 360 creatives
  • Audio mixer and dynamic audio advertising for creating audio clips for Display &amp Video 360.

At the end of July, Display &amp Video 360 customers will get access to the beta version of Ads Creative Studio and in September the service will be available for some YouTube advertisers.

Google has announced a free tool Local Opportunity Finder

Google has also launched a new tool called Local Opportunity Finder. This tool is designed to provide individual recommendations for increasing visibility in Search and on Maps. Users can simply enter a name, and Google will provide a list of shortcomings and tips for improvement. This tool will be available in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain at the end of this month, and in the upcoming months — in other countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Two new attribution reports will appear in Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 has added new attribution reports: the Conversion paths report and the model comparison report. The first one will allow you to track the full path of the user through various channels. The new report will also include a conversion visualization to help understand the ROI across channels. The Model Comparison report allows you to compare different attribution models to see the impact on different channels. &nbsp &nbsp

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