6 reasons to choose legal betting offers

Publication date: 19 Apr 2019

3snet recommends that you drop everything and start delivering traffic to legal betting offers. Let’s take a closer look at why now all your efforts should be focused on them.

  • Money first! (high payouts)

The main and most pleasant advantage is that legal offers always have higher payouts. Advertisers are waiting for active bettors (who will bet stably) and are ready to pay well for them.

  • Only forward! (simpler requirements)

Other terms in legal offers are better as well: easier qualification, smaller test caps. That makes it much easier to get active players.

  • We demand freedom! (Roskomnadzor takes a rest)

Another important issue is that these offers are free from prosecution by Roskomnadzor. They do not get banned and can be officially promoted in context ads and open sources.

  • Keep it simple! (registration made simple)

The times when legal aspects of betting in Russia made bettors feel down are long gone. Identity verification used to be long and tiresome and had to be done offline. But now bookmakers offer players simplified online registration which takes only 5 to 10 minutes. It should be noted that for those bettors who have previously undergone offline identity verification it is enough now only to specify their account on a legal website of any bookmaker, and no additional verification is needed. The situation is getting more common that is good news.

  • The doors are closing! (betting shop closures)

Bookmakers are plunging into online business that is confirmed by statistics on the number of betting shops: Russia saw an 11.3% decline in 2018. That makes sense as online business is more cost-effective.

  • Go Russia! (bookmakers choose RU GEO)

Many bookmakers have started closing their offshore offers and shifting into the RU zone, where they can now work legally.

Every affiliate wants to find a free niche and start earning a hell lot of money! Search queries like “Fonbet mirror” or “find Mostbet mirror” will soon lose popularity. It is time to switch from illegal betting offers to promotion of legal bookmakers. The niche of legal offers cannot be called new or completely vacant, but competition is not so intense here so far. Every affiliate has a chance to snap up audience and build a good reputation with advertisers.

You can find a good selection of legal offers in 3snet! Deliver traffic and get profit!

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