What’s new for Vkontakte, LinkedIn and Youtube for advertising? (July 23, 2018)

Publication date: 26 Jul 2018

Hashtags on Youtube

Now YouTube has started working with hashtags! The authors of the content have the opportunity to register hashtags in the description under the video or directly into the title. The hashtags that were previously added to the description will appear automatically. Plus, they automatically appear in previously uploaded videos, if the authors added hashtags in the description previously. YouTube offers new tools and services.

LinkedIn: New tools for content
The functions themselves are not something new, but they greatly expand your capabilities on the platform.

LinkedIn social network has implemented new tools:

  • uploading subtitles for videos;
  • selecting any text fragment on your mobile device and sharing part of the publication via Publisher;
  • built-in translator using the “show translation” button;
  • a new option in the main menu to access all the content that the user interacted with on the platform.

VKontakte introduced a new algorithm and updated statistics section

Here in VK developers are convinced that the posts with a stormy discussion are more interesting for subscribers and for authors. Therefore, the number of comments and likes will affect the output in the news line. At the same time Vkontakte released an update of the official mobile application, which, in particular, solved the problems with displaying comments!

And in a personal advertiser’s account there is a new possibility: in section “Export of statistics” there were data on advertising records with the information on impressions and clicks.

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