What awaits online slots and casinos in 2020?

Publication date: 04 Feb 2020

In 2020, a successful gambling campaign is impossible without understanding of the industry’s features and trends. International analysts have collected all information about legal casinos and shared their forecasts.

What of 2019 forecasts came true?
Iovation’s Gambling Industry Report showed that already in 2018, 70% of all online players gambled from their mobile devices. In 2019, the number of mobile players grew even more pushing developers to introduce more mobile slots and applications. In other words, forecasts for the online industry turned out to be true.
Projections regarding increasingly complex regulatory environment came true as well. European countries, one after another, have already introduced or are now introducing restrictions on gambling advertising. Italy, Spain, Norway, Lithuania, Georgia, Sweden either have already announced a ban on gambling advertising or are now preparing the corresponding bills. And the list of countries continues to grow.

How is casino’s player behavior around the world changing?
Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) is a financial metric which reflects the difference between the amount of money players wager minus the amount they win. It allows tracking activity of players around the world.
bV1sion has provided an overview of the social casino market in 2019, including market GGR forecasts. Last year, GGR amounted to $5.3bn (up from $5bn in 2018). GGR is expected to come in at $5.7bn in 2020 and reach $7.2bn by 2024.

What awaits online slots and casinos in 2020?
In terms of geographical split, North America continues to dominate the social casino landscape, representing 71% of the entire market.
Oceania (Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Polynesia, New Guinea, etc.) also has a strong presence with 17% of the total global GGR in 2019, well ahead of Asia and Europe with 5%.

What awaits online slots and casinos in 2020?
Africa had the highest growth rate in 2019 of 14% year-on-year, while Europe saw a very subdued growth.

What awaits online slots and casinos in 2020?

What to expect in igaming in 2020?
The iGaming Dashboard is a monthly overview of the igaming sector in numbers which enables to follow the evolution of the market until 2024.
The graphs show how total global gambling gross win for igaming will be evolving from now and until 2024.
Analyst forecasts for the sector look quite optimistic. The total global igaming gross win is expected to reach $60bn this year, and the sector itself will undergo a series of changes.

What awaits online slots and casinos in 2020?

What awaits online slots and casinos in 2020?

Geographical breakdowns provide an overview of revenue levels for key regions around the world.

What awaits online slots and casinos in 2020?
In Europe, online gambling is booming with slots having shown the highest revenue growth of 84% in 2019. Providers are aware of Europe’s huge potential and make the best of its advantages (favorable taxation regime in Gibraltar, Isle of Man, and Malta).
Moreover, Europe is the place where the latest technologies are actively introduced to slots, video slots, and VR (Virtual Reality) gambling. The new generation of players is entering the market, and casinos do their best to meet the market’s high requirements. This is how esports betting and skill-based games appeared.

The US remains one of the largest and most important gambling markets. Legalization of online gambling and sports betting is just a matter of time. The US market is expected to open its doors again to large international companies this year already.

Australians spend almost $1,000 a year on gambling—the highest losses per capita in the world. According to Gambling Capital, the situation is explained by the fact that slot machines await their customers in not only gambling rooms but also ordinary pubs and clubs.

The Asian market is the largest market in the world in terms of volumes, and demand for gambling continues growing. 2019 brought relaxation of some restrictions—sports betting and even casinos are becoming legal in more and more countries. The trend continues in 2020 opening new perspectives in the industry. Learn about the best offers from Asian casinos in 3snet.

Africa’s online gambling market is undergoing the stage of formation and active growth. Gambling activities are neither prohibited nor regulated in most African countries. The African gambling market needs some more time to reach its fullest potential.

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