MAC’24 conference will be held on 30-31 May

Publication date: 27 Nov 2023

On 30-31 May, MAC’24 Conference will take place in Yerevan, Armenia. Tickets for MAC’24 Conference, one of the oldest conferences for media buyers and marketers, are on sale now!

In brief, MAC is:

  • 2500+ participants from all over the world from 50+ countries.
  • 30 reports.
  • 100+ companies.

Among speakers are Van Oakes, KJ Rocker, Sergey Ovseenko.

And most importantly, there will be a legendary MAC after-party following the conference! Like Burning Man, but for media buyers! 

You will have an opportunity to communicate with affiliates and negotiate more favourable offers or find out the most profitable verticals and ties from the tops in a private conversation over a glass. 

A 20% discount on ticket purchases is available using the promo code “3SNET20”.

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