Where do users spend their money?

Where do users spend their money?

Publication date: 12 Sep 2021

Experts from various analytical companies and services have estimated how much money users from different countries spend online and where.

Russians are buying more on dating sites!

The experts of the YooMoney service have calculated how the spending of Russian online users has changed this summer compared to last year.

It turned out that Russians made 4.7 times more purchases on dating sites this summer than during the same season last year. The average bill on dating sites was lower, at 352 rubles. The residents of the Komi Republic spent the most on the dating services – 561 rubles.

The number of payments on gaming resources decreased by 10% and the average bill was 527 rubles. The residents of Chukotka, whose average bill came to 1.8 thousand rubles, spent the most on games.

Loan payments were 18% higher than last summer. And the turnover of MFIs increased by 81%. The average bill increased by 54% and exceeded 4.3 thousand rubles.

69% of summer purchases were paid for by bank cards; Pay-Payments were the second most popular, accounting for 19% of purchases. Only 9% of goods and services were paid for by Russians via social networks and messengers.

How much money did Russians spend on social networks?

According to research platform App Annie, in the world in the first half of 2021, users have spent $ 3.2 billion on social networks – 50% more than a year earlier.

At the same time, Russians spent $34 million.

  • The social network VKontakte earned the most money in Russia – in the top 10 social networks by revenue, the VK app is in first place;
  • IVI online cinema is in second place;
  • In third place, the video hosting site YouTube.

People have also spent 30% more time on social media since 2018: a total of 120 billion hours each month. Russians have spent more than 20 billion hours communicating online.

Which is the most downloaded app in the world?

Social networks have been downloaded by users 4.7 billion times. India leads the world with more than 1.5 billion downloads, followed by the US and Indonesia with just under half a billion downloads. Russia is in sixth place with more than 100 million downloads.

The world leader in the number of downloads has become TikTok.

In Russia, TikTok is also the most downloaded app. It is followed by Telegram, GetContact and WhatsApp Messenger. However, in terms of the amount of time spent in the apps in Russia, YouTube leads, followed by WhatsApp Messenger and VK.

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