Case: Streaming doorway traffic to private betting offer

Publication date: 13 Nov 2017

I’ve been doing doorways for a long time. I passed from the most trash doorways for adult and pharma to a quite user-friendly doorways, where, despite the basic principles of doorway skills, I didn’t forget about the fact that users need to be warmed up and that will turn them into quality leads.

So, my traffic for this case is a grid of websites about bookmakers.
A significant portion of the traffic comes precisely for all requests associated with a certain BC.

I contacted my manager at 3SNET with a request about private betting offer. Among the list of offers I was advised exactly the one offer, for which I had a grid of websites. We agreed on the cap for the test and the payment, followed by the possibility of increasing the payout.

Offer: Private betting offer
Paid action: First deposit
Payout: 35-40USD
Period: December 2016 – January 2017
Advertising format: Doorways
Spent: 20 000 rubles
Profit: $3955 + $16065

I won’t tell you how to create doorways (this is not for a “case” format), but I’ll highlight the main points:

The keys are our everything.

  1. Forget about keywords from Wordstat, 100500 sites are made with it and it’s impossible to get to the top with it.
  2. Do not forget about LF keys, you can easily collect the traffic you need with it.
  3. Find keys that your competitors simply will not come up with.
  4. Trash doorways has long been out of trend. If you want your traffic converted really good and it’s quality arranged advertisements, make your doorways user-friendly.

Will give you a tip on the keys – only 2 words – LiveInternet. And this is just the starting point for your semantic kernels. There are many other sources where you can get really competitive and targeted keys – you just need to move away from the wordstat and think a little unconventional.

The toolkit. Warning, not advertising, I use different solutions, but I recommend starting with WmsnDorgen. The demo is below:

Also WP-doorways work very well. There are quite a lot of solutions for WordPress – the choice is always yours.
Won’t tell you the sites (doorways), keys and offer – you know. Who is in the subject of Doorways – will immediately understand me. Have a look at my stats for December and January.



How do you find the difference between December and January?
As you can see, my doorways gave good volumes of traffic, which gave 100% approve of all conversions. Everything that you see in the decline are the leads as the offer is about the deposit, leads are not paid and are declined automatically in the 3SNET system.

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