Case: How to create and promote a channel in Telegram

Publication date: 29 Nov 2017

It’s not a secret that telegram is a very promising source of traffic and competition is not as high as in the Instagram. For example, the advertising post in VKontakte is noted by 20-30% of group subscribers, and in the telegram it’s about  80% – it’s very high rate of engagement. That’s why I started working in this area!

There are immediate questions:

  • How to create a channel? How to promote it? How much does it cost to attract a subscriber?

I’ll tell you a little bit about how I do it.

First, a bit of general information:

The cheapest subscribers are obtained in the subjects “humor” and “shock-content,” the channels for beauty and sport are a bit more expensive, and the most expensive ones are regional ones. Which topic to choose it’s up to you. But I would recommend to pay attention to regional ones, because imagine how much you can stamp such publics? And after all  the audience can be safely distilled from similar groups from other social networks! You can also create bundles  accounts in VKontakte and Instagram, and drive subscribers through mass-mailing and mass-following. The main thing is to make a click-beat creativity. Well, no one canceled the targeted advertising, run, try, and you will succeed.

Add bots, do surveys, warm up interest in your audience, so that engagement is cosmic. Well, most importantly, the price of advertising in Telegram will please you.

  1. Create a channel

First you need to decide on the topic of the channel. I would recommend starting with regional channels. I would highlight the following:

  • flea market (city / region);
  • Overheard (city / region);
  • criminals of the city;
  • Inscriptions;
  • Well, and so on, there is already a matter of your imagination.

So, we decided on the topic of the channel. Now create it.

Download the Program from the AppStore, PlayMarket and install it on your PC (

Also for convenience, you can use immediately Russifier. To do this, just contact the bot @Ruslangbot.

After  then login to our telegram and create a channel, fill in the name and description, add an avatar and, most importantly, use your imagination – write a bright and catchy description of the channel!

Also I advise you to make a public account, so it will be easier to promote  it.

Do not forget to include a link to yourself in the channel description so that you can buy advertising in the future, and also have a way to communicate with the channel’s audience.

  1. Filling the channel

We have a channel, now we need to fill it with content, but where do we get it? Find a similar channel from another city / region and borrow their stories / posts (20 posts will be enough), or write by yourself. Then invite your friends and acquaintances to the channel to make it seem alive, so it will be easier to promote it and attract subscribers. Also it is possible to attract the first 200-300 subscribers through various services.

  1. Channel analytics

A very important and useful tool for monitoring the effectiveness of our advertising.

  1. Add to your contacts two bots: @ControllerBot and @ChannelsStatBot, install the Russian language.
  2. Add both bots to the administrators of your telegram channel.

To understand whether the audience  likes or dislikes your content, there are bots that allow you to attach polls, likes / dislays to the post. Thanks to these tools you will understand what your audience likes and will please them with quality content, and they, in turn, will please you with high rates of engagement.

  1. Attraction of traffic to the channel

I advise you to start with mf / ml in the instagram:

  • Buy 5 accounts for yourself;
  • fill them according to the subject of your channel;
  • specify the link to the channel in the telegraph;
  • Find people from your city / region: start making subscriptions, adding likes to these users.

It’s Better MF and ML basic on this strategy: 1 subscription + 1 like + 1 like + 1 like. And so do with each user. Have subscribed and like the last three pictures. It seems to be not difficult, but the conversion is growing at times.

In the first days do not more than 50 subscriptions and 50 likes from your account. After a week of using the account, increase the number up to 100. And slowly increase you activities.

But do not be lazy and follow everyday! Take breaks. Be real users: 1 day subscribed to 30 accounts, the second day liked 15 pictures, the third day in general just scrolled RSS.


You can also buy advertising posts in public posts of instagram and VK on a similar topic, customize targeted advertising VK, Instagram, Facebook and in other sources.


I hope that this article will help you to find your path in Telegram and start earning because 3snet advertisers are willing to accept traffic from Telegram. Do not be afraid to experiment and use imagination!

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