Case: How to work with Cloakin and Farming

Publication date: 16 Nov 2017

Dear readers!

To start with, I’m not very good in writing but 3SNET guys are so nice to work with that I could not refuse their request to write a brief case study on the latest areas I’m working on.

I use various sources of traffic,  AdWords, FB, Email. Why are these sources? The answer is obvious: they have very high quality and payments in affiliate networks are much higher  for these sources.

As is usual in cases’ descriptions, I will not disclose any details, but if you read carefully between the lines, you will be able to reveal very helpful suggestions.

The topic of my case-survey is forbidden, it is customary to talk about it in a low voice. I mean cloaking and farming. Basically, I will talk about the experience with AdWords, but the same methods can be perfectly applied for FB and other sources.


If you have never dealt with cloaking, in brief, it is the trick that allows to display one site content to the advertising system moderators, and other content to users

IMPORTANT! Officially, cloaking is forbidden by any advertising system, so you can easily get  account banned. Use this information at your own risk.

Why is this necessary? To pass the moderation in the advertising system, even in those cases where the final advertised resource should not be allowed to display.

When is it necessary? When your campaigns are rejected and never accepted, or when you are sure in advance that the campaign will not be moderated.

How to cloak? For easy cloaking we need a good tracker and we can’t deal without tracker in the case of AdWords and FB.

I won’t describe the variety of cloaking methods, but in our case the usual redirect in 90% (and above) won’t work. My favorite trackers are Binom and Keitaro. You can use any tracker convenient for you and which offers a possibility to cloak the landing. In the trackers that I use there are very cool manuals, everything is written down to the slightest detail. I hope that other trackers’ manuals aren’t worse. In the case of Binom, look for info on, in the case of Keitaro search the info by key-words “Working with ad networks”. Everything is on the official resources of these trackers.


We’ve figured out what’s cloaking, let’s say a few words about farming.

If you are a new advertiser and have just registered an account in AdWords (or FB) you are new for the network, it does not have any data about you, and there is no trust. In order to gain trust (and to pass faster and easier the moderation, have the ability to spend budgets above the minimum, and, after all, run gambling, binary and similar offers) – you need “to farm” accounts. By farming we mean “growing” the account from the registration till the first spent budgets, that is to build the history of the account.

After this innovation everyone who was not acquainted with the farming had to register accounts for themselves and wait about 1 year or more. Honestly, they really did – it’s either foresight, or they already had accounts (as I had).

The main idea is that the farming should look as close as possible to the real use of the account by an ordinary user. Of course, “reality” and “commonness” are also extensible, given that the algorithms of traffic networks can work according to very unexpected rules.

If you refer to the manuals of the “guru” of farming, you need to rent an office, create and “grow” each account on a separate iMac and spend tens of thousands of budgets for warming-up of registered accounts. All this is for believability. And in the end it all comes down to using virtual machines. Also, multibrowsers are used such as swSpyBrowser and others (there are alternatives markedly better, they need to be looked for).

The survey part is over, we will pass directly to the case with examples.


I will describe step-by-step a case of farming + cloaking. Also, below are examples of how he worked on two off-line.

  1. Let’s take in consideration that we have an account with a short history. For farming, I spend the first budgets into a “white” merchandise network (you can take a “white” thematic site). Respectively, for this stage of farming it is necessary to pick up inexpensive keys which will be allowed by AdWords.
  2. Ideally, we need a “white” trusted domain. But in practice, moderation is also very successful in the case of recently registered ones.
  3. I put a thematic site on the domain. Subjects should accordingly coincide with the topic of warming up.
  4. In this example the cloak  was made through key words, this was the cloak from our thematic site, with the help of a tracker (read the info above + trackers manuals). No redirects in my case.
  5. It’s very convenient, of course, to use a tracking template, but in this case, be reasy to spend impressive amounts on warm-up.
  6. Start the warm-up (the warm-up limit is very individual), after that we can launch the non-white campaign, and already start running our favorite gambling and binary.

Basically it is customary to share screenshots with mega budgets in cases. I will share 2 screenshots with recent stats, from two completely different runnings.

  • Offer: one well-known gambling offer (with the keys of this brand  it’s very cool to run other gambling brands)
  • Model: CPL
  • Geo: RU
  • Payout: 200 ~ 520 RUB
  • Period: 13.10.2017 — 23.10.2017
  • Spent: 17 000 rubles
  • Profit: 32 480 rubles

  • Offer: Binary Option offers with funnels
  • Model: CPA
  •  GEO: DE / SE / IT
  •  Payout: 350 ~ 400 USD
  •  Period: 11/01/2017 – 11/08/2017
  •  Spent: 1 800 USD
  •  Profit: 1 100 USD

Depending on the choice of vertical / offer / geo / creatives, you may face some difficulty.

In the first case my accounts were banned merciless, but it was a good gambling-vertical test. Since it was AdWords, I immediately had a higher rate, which overcame the ban of my accounts and the CR was easily predictable already at a short distance.

In the second case, the selected offers and geo, as well as creatives without aggression allowed me to run campaigns through  this account  without getting banned. How I got a low price for a click here – I won’t write.

So each case is very individual and depends on the chosen ligament, as well as your abilities and experience.

 A few bonuses
This is my first case, and I decided to make it different from what other guys wrote. Nothing original, but here are three bonuses (I hope, in 3SNET they will be moderated and published).

Bonus 1. Cloak through the Google Play app.
Build a simple thematic white application.
In-build into it the possibility to launch your tracking link (after a specific event).
When the application is “white” – we pass the moderation. After moderation we get the traffic and then we activate our tracking link.
This cloak works exactly in FB. In other sources – you need to test, but most likely everything will be ok.
I have my own applications, and I heard that the guys from 3SNET have a couple of similar applications, so contact them and ask them to test.

Bonus 2. Communities

The most important rule – do not go to the gypsies.

I like the “two times AdWords” community. Some tricks can be copied and in the public domain, some can be obtained by getting acquainted with the guys and asking them questions in private. The main thing is to share the experience so that it is mutual.

Bonus 3. Services for cloaking.

Yes guys, there are such things. What they are exactly I can’t write – google it. I tried but it’s more convenient for me to cloak myself. If the use of such services will help you I’ll be glad. Just write a case about this.
The conclusion. Why was it profitable for me to write about these not entirely public things?

First, I did not disclose anything (well, practically didn’t disclose).

Secondly, I was just interested in writing such an article, and I hope it will be interesting for readers.

Thirdly, if you were really interested and you were able to learn something new, I hope that you get registered on my refs, and I can even get a compliment in the future for it.

PS: It’s cool that you get to the end)

Your Sir Nicholas.

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