Case: How to deliver Yandex.Direct to gambling

Publication date: 12 Apr 2018

Hey everyone! My name is Dmitriy, and I’ve been arbitrating for the last 3 years for gambling / betting verticals. For a long time I got the lion’s share of gambling traffic from social networks. But according to the rule’s changes it is impossible to work on my links now.

Affiliate Network: 3Snet

Offer: Vulkan and other offers

Period: 1.03-30.03

Traffic source: Yandex.Direct

Budget: 21,000 rubles.

Profit: $ 1,782

In search of new sources of traffic for gambling, with the advice of my acquaintances, I turned to Yandex.Direct. Unlike working with communities in social networks, this source seemed to me very promising for the reasons:

  • scalability;
  • precise targeting;
  • low cost of a click;
  • relative stability of the source.

Before start, I studied all the available materials on working with the Direct, talked with my colleagues and decided to start the first tests. From the received information, I came to the conclusion that work with Y.Direct should be constructed as follows:

  1. Development of landings for cloaking

The logic behind the development of landings for cloaking is to mislead the moderator and push the ads along to the keys we need. That is, for example, we want to advertise the Vulcan casino, then we do the lending for the “Vulcan Hotel”. And, accordingly, after passing the moderation, we change the landing to casino.

Read detailed case How to work with cloaking and farming

  1. “Warming up” of accounts

By warming up accounts, I mean draining some budget for a specific domain. Usually I merge 4000-5000 rubles for one account for a domain with a specially prepared landing. For some time, the account “settles down”, after which you can begin to pour on gambling.

  1. Selection of white key words on the gambling thematic

The great importance of the success of the whole campaign lies in the selection of key words. Usually I do not use any special programs such as a key collectors to search for low frequencies. Internal service of Y.Direct  – is enough for me. I find interesting for myself keyers via it, what, in my opinion, have a chance not to cause suspicion from the moderator’s part. It is necessary to select the keys without direct indication of the casino, but that the keyer has at least 1000 requests per month. For example, it can be: “registration of slots”, “free bonuses”, “ludomans”. Requests with which I advertise the casino, I can not publish in the case, for obvious reasons, but if you go deep into the topic, then such requests are sufficient and there will be enough traffic for everyone.

Also pay attention to the fact that it’s better to segment the audience and deliver traffic for certain cities of the Russian Federation, because this can significantly save money.

  1. TDS

Initially, I worked with the StreamTD tracker, but after changes in the tracker, I consulted with my personal manager in 3snet and switched to the Keitaro tracker (if you enter the promotional code “3SNET” when you pay, you can get a substantial discount) because it has more functionality.

Once the accounts and domains are warm, you can start to generate traffic, but you must understand that these accounts will not live forever, usually accounts last from one to two weeks, then they are banned. Therefore, I recommend colleagues to start warming up new accounts in parallel with the working accounts, so that the process of draining traffic does not stop.

I want to draw your attention to some of the subtleties of working with Yandex. Direct:

  1. Do not rush to warm up your account. The longer you warm up your account, the more likely that moderators will skip the desired ads in the future. Moderation on old trust accounts often begins in an automatic mode, which will give you the opportunity to spend more time on the advertising you need.
  2. Be sure to segment your audience by city, this will save you a lot of money.
  3. Do not run after top-ranking keywords, on them and the competition is higher and the chance that moderators will skip it. It is better to choose keywords that do not directly point to the casino. If, for example, you are going to deliver to the Vulkan, it is better to merge first into a pre-prepared lending with “Motorcycle Vulkan”, “Vulcan Hotel”, etc.
  4. The most difficult for me was to push through exactly the casino Vulcan. Therefore, newcomers, I recommend paying attention to the less popular casino, from my experience, they will be pushed through much easier.

Many will ask how much you can earn using this source of traffic?

Using only Yandex. Direct, I was able to earn in March $ 1,782 with an approximate investment of 21,000 rubles.

Now I’m in the process of scaling the source by simultaneously warming up a large number of accounts, expanding the number of offers in the work, finding and working out new and promising keynotes. In plans to increase profits at least 3 times.

Summarizing, I would like to say that everything changes very quickly in gambling and often not for the better, so tests are our everything. As my practice shows, you can sort out almost any source of traffic from scratch in a very short time. Over the past six months, I tested about 15 traffic sources, and in fact now only two are bringing money.

Therefore, I recommend that all colleagues in the workshop constantly test and test new links, so as not to stay out of the board.


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