What advertising formats will be holding the lead next year?

Publication date: 26 Dec 2019

In 2020, online advertising will focus on social networks and applications. Despite the fact that social networks are tightening up rules for advertisers, Facebook and Instagram will maintain their leadership position. New social networks and applications appear and gain momentum in terms of advertising.

Video content is the most in-demand type of content: over 50% of users (according to different statistical sources) prefer video to other sources of information. As a result, interest in TikTok, Youtube, and other video platforms has grown sharply. Applications with useful video content—various tips and tricks, manuals, guides—are also on the rise. 

Active advertising on messenger channels and in-built services will be one of the trends in 2020. Chinese users are actively entering betting and gambling markets through thematic channels on Wechat. However, WhatsApp, Viber, and Telegram are still No.1 in terms of the number of users and effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Users have been using mobile devices to surf the Internet increasingly often, so mobile advertising is holding a clear lead over desktop.

One-size-fits-all mailers don’t work anymore. Email marketing is moving towards a greater level of detail and uniqueness; no effective email marketing campaign is now possible without an analytical approach. Target audience needs, interests, and emotional triggers should be considered in the first place. Mailers should be interesting to read to attract users’ attention, and, what is very important, they should be delivered at the right time, when users need this information. Only such advertising will be effective.

When summarizing, one thing is worth pointing out. Advertising formats do play a role, but what comes first is the need to use analytical services. Any advertising campaign launched with due regard to information about users’ behavior, their search queries and purchase history will have a higher conversion rate and ROI no matter what traffic sources are used. To cut a long story short, focus more on analytics, consider all statistical data when running advertising campaigns in 2020.

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