Case: More than 2800$ on the email database of active subscribers for 20 days

Publication date: 14 Nov 2017

A few months ago a small casino-related website that I was serving as a freelancer stopped working. The reviews on online casinos were published on this site. The author of articles played all casinos, described the details and ranked casinos. Though the site wasn’t large the e-mail database was accumulated during its life. Subscribers were notified about a new review of online casino. The database contained a little more than 10K active users and I saved this base. I thought since the site owner don’t need it any more, it would be nice for me to use that to my own advantage.

Network: 3Snet
Offer: SlotV CPA RU
Source: own email database
Expenses: 0 RUB
Profit: 2 860 $ (165 200 RUB)

Somewhere in the traffic brockres’ chats I asked what was the best affiliate network in gambling and I was advised 3Snet. I registered there and decided to try an cost-for-deposit offer. Since our site was filled with all Vulkan offers I decided to promote a little-known casino that wasn’t promoted on our site yet.

Next I created a very ordinary letter with a catchy headline. In this message I made a short positive review and promised gifts to all new players. For the test I sent over 500 emails from my account (a bit later I was banned for this reason, but this is another story). As a result, after the test discovery there were more than 300 openings, 100 clicks, 3 registrations and 2 deposits.

It seemed to me that it was quite good result, but a manager from 3Snet has contacted me and I have asked to provide my creatives as my players demanded nonexistent bonuses from casino. Having communicated to the manager I chosen bonuses offered by SlotV to the new players, changed the message and prepared it for mailing but it has become clear that I was banned due to forbidden advertising. I informed the manager 3Snet that I can’t dispatch because I was banned. The manager suggested to broadcast e-mails upon my data base by means of 3Snet mailing service. Having acquainted with a mailing manager I provided to them first 3 000 e-mails and they started dispatching messages. Due to changes both in the subject and message there were less openings and clicks but the quantity of deposits increased. After that the mailings manager from 3Snet and me have scheduled further mailings until the end of month, sent messages repeatedly to users who haven’t opened the e-mail and who have opened but haven’t passed to the casino website, for the last ones a special letter was created with other bonuses. I don’t disclose the creatives in order not to spam my messages as the case is still working now.

Below is the mailing statistics from the personal account at 3Snet

The work is still going on, the mailings are on, people are making deposits and I get the money. I think that after this I will continue to send out on my data base, we’ll check other casino offers. You have to be more careful with creatives and to think in advance, but the guys from 3snet promised to help with this.

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