Case: Passive income on email databases

Publication date: 15 Nov 2017

I have been working in the affiliate business for a long time and I know that one of the most qualitative sources of traffic is e-mail distribution. During the creation of several projects, the team gathered a database of e-mails (about 200K addresses). Since the use of mailing services is expensive and difficult in our verticals, we decided to raise our mailing server for testing. After all the technical settings we started experimenting with mailings on our mailers database for offers in the system.

Network: 3Snet
Offer: monetization the email database from 3snet
Expenses: 0 RUB
Profit: stable and depends on the quality of email databases

We did a lot of mailings but the results were very modest although stable at the same time. This experience has given us the opportunity to experiment with blacklists, spam filters, various mail formats, headlines, mailing services, etc.

Here is the screenshot from 3Snet dashboard for the period from February to March 2017 with the statistics of the distribution on our database.

In general, almost 50K rubles were gained.

And here are the dollars:

The dollar amount is $343.

Since the base began to bring good results after all experiments and optimization we received individual bids from the advertiser for many campaigns. It’s time to scale and the quality bases are required. We informed all acquaintances and offered a simple way of cooperation: webmasters provide us with databases, we use them for mailing and pay a standard partner reward for each conversion. The vendor saw the progress of the advertising campaign on the dashboard.

One of the first partners (let’s call it Web No. 1) was collecting loan applications for his landing page, and he gathered about 800K e-mails within several years. First he shared 100K e-mail for the test, the base demonstrated that it’s live and it converts. A week later he sent another 300K, and so gradually transferred his entire base to us for additional monetization.

Here are his stats from March to September 2017:

During this time in addition to this supplier there were many other webmasters we did tests with. With the number of suppliers the need in additional capacity for mailing grew up. We have increased the number of mailing servers and along with this the spending on service maintenance has increased. In this regard, we offered suppliers another payment model: 50/50 of the advertiser’s price. Partner compensation has decreased, but the volume and turnover have increased, and things were getting better.

Here are the stats of the same webmaster (Web No. 1) from September to November 2017 (dollar invoices were added):

This means that this webmaster earned more than $ 2500 on his base for two months

The same partner in June 2017 referred his friend who shared his base of 600K e-mails for monetization (Web No.2). Here are his stats from June to November 2017:

In August 2017 a webmaster (Web3) with deyting database has joined us. This database was large but not segmented by countries. Our technical specialists have set the geo targeting through the tracker that led to the right offer. Here are his stats from August to November 2017:

All these cases are working so I do not show creative packages and do not share strategies.

In fact, there are more and more partners for this type of cooperation, so we have to screen out some of them – we exclude parsed databases, databases with corporate e-mails, old and small databases, out of the subject etc.

I think you are interested in knowing what the main features of our system are:

  • Antipublic – every new database is passed through our antipublic to prevent reuse of the database.
  • Blacklist – we have accumulated a vast blacklist, which even before mailing out will show the presence of invalid emails and spam traps.
  • Wide pool of servers allows us to make quick tests – in case of positive results mailings on your database are managed with the highest rating on the servers
  • Tracker – we can always distribute traffic according to various criteria, and redirect it, if necessary, to another offer.
  • High index of inbox for favorites – if your database demonstrates a very good conversion rate, it will be sent on servers with a high index of inbox.

The basic idea of the 3Snet mailing list service is the monetization of good bases and stable income for both sides. Your bases – our technologies and skills! If you have something to offer us, register in the system and contact your manager.

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