Case: over $10,000 in a month on binary options from news traffic

Publication date: 28 Feb 2019

  • GEO: Russia, Kazakhstan, the Baltic states
  • Traffic source: push notifications from news websites
  • Campaigns were running from 23rd January to 23rd February
  • Profit: $10,150 + expecting as much

Hi everybody!

I’ve been an affiliate, mainly in e-commerce, for quite long. My friends advised that I should try other verticals and recommended 3snet. I signed up, talked to guys from support, and they offered me to test various binary options funnels and other verticals. I decided to try everything, and now I can say that binary options gave the best result.

I’ve got a network of news websites that is based on teaser traffic exchange. GEO is Russian-speaking, with lots of users from the Baltic states that is important. When push notifications weren’t so mainstream, I started collecting subscribers on my websites and promoting various e-commerce products to them. And I did the same for 3snet offers.

We chose several binary options funnels that accept traffic from Russia and Kazakhstan. During a month, from 23rd January to 23rd February, I launched four campaigns, one for each week. The first campaign gave almost no deposits in the first couple of days. I started to panic, but the guys calmed me down. They explained that it takes 7 to 14 days or even longer for the Russian-speaking traffic to start showing results.

And for now, we’ve got the following:

Кейс: Более 10 000$ за месяц на бинарных опционах с новостного траффика

Of course, one can say that so many registrations should have resulted in more deposits. I would suggest having a look at the following screenshot that the guys from 3snet have shared:

Кейс: Более 10 000$ за месяц на бинарных опционах с новостного траффика

Almost all deposits are coming from my January traffic, and few of them are from my February campaigns. It means that I expect as many deposits in the coming month, or even more.

What’s worth noting?

  1. 3snet pays for various deposit amounts, from $100 to $250, not only for $250.
  2. Deposits of $250 were made mainly by the Russian-speaking users from the Baltic states, while Russians and Kazakhs deposited $100 in most cases. Now, let’s focus on users from the Baltic states.
  3. It really took 7-14 days and more to see the results, just like the guys told me. It’s completely different from e-commerce. In e-commerce, no answers or purchases in the first couple of days mean that you’ve sent traffic down the drain.
  4. I was offered several funnels, and we were experimenting with creatives. You can see in the screenshot that some creatives gave a lot of registrations and a low percentage of deposits, while the others gave few clicks and registrations, but the percentage of deposits was quite good for the Russian-speaking traffic. I keep on experimenting. It’s very interesting and gives good profit.

While I was writing this text, two more deposits appeared in my statistics.

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