Case: Email marketing campaigns to bases collected on Instagram

Publication date: 14 Sep 2020

Affiliates often focus on a particular niche they can work in. I find working in a single niche restricting, and I always wanted to be able to switch between them easily and deliver traffic according to the formula: the audience I have + the offer that suits my audience + the right affiliate network.

3snet has asked me to tell a story like “how I deliver traffic at a profit” or “how I get traffic”—something of that kind.

I’d like to tell how a person without any particular web developer or web designer skills can run ad campaigns with the help of various paid and, if you search just a little harder, free tools. It’ll, of course, take some time to figure out how to use these tools and set everything up, but isn’t it enjoyable?

Let’s have a look at how to send emails to bases parsed on Instagram.

How to collect a base on Instagram

There are plenty of tools to parse Instagram profiles. Russian-speaking affiliates can use, for example, Zinsta, Zengram, Segmento Target, etc. I opt for good old Zengram. In Zengram, you can search for profiles among followers of your Instagram competitors or use GEOs and tags. If you use tags, you’ll sooner or later come across with wide intersections. Searching among your competitor’s followers allows reaching a larger unique audience, but we’ll talk about the easy option—searching with tags. You can use thematic tags, like #forex, or more general tags which indicate how wealthy a person is—#maldives2020, for example. If you’re searching for a foreign audience, use tags in their native language, like #megler or #valutamäklare.

Pay attention that sometimes you don’t need to collect a thematic base. Ask yourself a question: “Who is the potential customer of the offer which I’m running my ad campaign for?”.

Prior to exporting the base, check the checkbox to collect additional data. These additional data—email addresses and phone numbers—will be the most important for us.

The base is ready. Half the battle is won!

How to send emails to your base

The next step is to set up PowerMTA+MailWizz on a VDS. Any VDS which you can add an additional IP to will suit. If you google hard enough, you can find an auto installer for PowerMTA+Mailwizz software; a setup guide is usually included. As a rule, you’ll need a VDS with centos-6-x86_64. More information about email campaigns and a detailed guide on MailWizz setup are available here.

As for IPs, it’s good to have several. PowerMTA checks if your IPs are listed on anti-spam databases, rotates your IPs while your emails are being sent and uses IPs with better ratings.

Next, I analyze country codes in phone numbers and segment my base by GEO. Each GEO will be imported as a separate base. I set sending limits at 250-300 emails an hour.

Then I choose an offer and create a mailer. You can create a mailer yourself if you’re a little familiar with html. Otherwise, simply ask your affiliate network for one—they usually provide affiliates with premade creatives. I create mailers myself. They are unique, and I can avoid stop words which are so disliked by email services.

I don’t use direct links in my creatives, I use redirect links generated by Keitaro. You can choose any other tracker you like or can afford. And again, if you google hard enough, you can find free versions of many popular trackers; of ZTDS, for example. Trackers allows not only distributing traffic to different offers but also changing links at any time. It happened quite often that there was much traffic, and I had to switch to another offer. Sometimes there was little traffic, and again, I had to change offers. Or my tracking link was blocked (emails with this information can take long to arrive). Anything can happen, and trackers allow managing ad campaigns easily and quickly.

Your mailer with links is ready. Before you start, use a special service to make sure that your emails don’t go straight to spam.

If they do, lower your sending limits and start doing tests. Try changing IPs, domains, text, sender names, subject lines, tracker domains, etc.
Ideally, your result should be close to mine, hehe.

Кейс от 3snet: проверяйте мейлер на возможность попадания в спам

A good case. My personal example.

Now let’s have a look at an example: 4 different offers, Russian-speaking audience parsed from travel-related tags in 2020.

Step 1.

Emails sent to the whole base.

Offer id 1561 crypto funnel for Russian-speaking audience.

I was sending emails from 15 to 31 August.

Conversion: 251 leads, 8 deposits. CR 3%. I expect some more deposits.

I used an ordinary mailer without any images about investment opportunities.

Кейс от 3snet: оффер на криптоворонку для русскоговорящих пользователей

Step 2.

Offers id 2019 and 2378 from popular bookmakers.

Emails were sent only to people who have already opened my email and clicked on my link (MailWizz offers such option).

Emails with match predictions. It was a regular text email without images which resembled an email from a friend.

I don’t expect much here; Revhare has brought some results.

Кейс от 3snet: оффер на лучших букмекеров

Step 3.

Offer id 1391 crypto funnel for Russian-speaking audience.

I started sending on 30 August to people who have already “opened and clicked” in my two previous campaigns.

Conversion: 157 leads, 3 deposits so far, CR 2%. And more deposits are to come, I think.

I used an ordinary mailer without any images about investment opportunities.

Кейс от 3snet: третья рассылка для тех, кто открыл и кликнул


Hosting — 200-300 rubles a month.

Zengram — 999 rubles a month. You can get access at a lower price if you search on specialized forums.

Domains — 100 rubles a month each.

IPs — 100-150 rubles a month each.

Tracker — you can find a free one + hosting 200-300 rubles a month + domain 100 rubles a year.

You won’t spend much. It’s likely to take you more time than money, but as you can see in the screenshots above, your efforts will pay off.

Don’t focus on just one approach, offer, brand. Think big, develop a strategy.

As for the example I have given, you can:

  1. parse on not only Instagram but also any other social network;
  2. use not only email addresses but also phone numbers; send text messages, try reaching your audience in messengers;
  3. use email addresses and phone numbers to have additional contact with your audience on other social networks after they receive your emails;
  4. deliver your traffic to various offers in different niches.

Work with freshly collected bases. It makes no sense to send to a base which you or someone else collected a year ago. People’s interests change rapidly, email boxes get overfilled with spam, phone numbers become unavailable.

And finally, we don’t need to pay to learn obvious things. We should google a little harder.

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